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rene' oldfield lbsw
Program Director

Bachelor of Social Work Degree from University of Texas Arlington.  Obtained Bachelor of Social Work License (LBSW).  Realizing an equivalent passion to support women with trauma, Shalesse and I established Life with Strength Energy and Power (LifeWSnAP).  Assisting women with an awareness of trauma, learn their past does not define who they currently are or could become is life changing.  Designing creative aspects for each session assisted me in releasing my own trauma.  Career experience includes elderly, incarcerated and re-entry women and men, homeless, substance abuse and the severely mentally ill populations.


*National Association of Social Work Membership

*Mock Job Interviewer - Federal Bureau of Prisons            Education Department

*Embracing Diverse Cultures in Trauma Assessment and    Treatment - Trauma Support Services of North Texas      (TSSNT)

*Community Disasters: Trauma-Informed Interventions      for Mental Health Professionals (TSSNT)

*Recognizing and Treating Traumatic Grief (TSSNT)

*Trauma Healing and Affirming Therapy for LGBTQIA      Populations (TSSNT)

*Motivational Interviewing - University of North Texas      School of Public Health

*Trauma Informed Care - Texas Christian University          Department of Social Work

shaleese beasley rockett MSW
Program Educator

Graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Park University. Continued education at The University of Missouri-Kansas City earning a Masters of Social Work Degree. My Capstone Project focused on developing a women's group dedicated to trauma and depression.  Through pilot funding the program became fully functional and currently continues to serve women in Kansas City, Missouri.  Rene' and I utilized aspects from my pilot program, increased the number of trauma sessions and added creativity to establish Life With Strength, Energy and Power (LifeWSnAP).  My desire to assist women in living a healthier future continues today through this program.  Career experience includes, incarcerated and re-entry, homeless and the severely mentally ill populations.


* Embracing Diverse Cultures in Trauma                   Assessment   and Treatment - Trauma Support       Services of North Texas (TSSNT)

*Community Disasters:  Trauma-Informed       Interventions for Mental Health Professionals     (TSSNT)

*Recognizing and Treating Traumatic Grief (TSSNT)

* Trauma Healing and Affirming Therapy for     LGBTQUA Populations (TSSNT)

*Motivational Inverviewing - University of North   Texas School of Public Health  

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