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 women's                       reflections

I believe I can finally deal with my childhood and any other deep seated memories that have caused so much damage to my life for 60 years.  I am just so tired and drained from it.  I just want to let it go.  Thank you, you have given me a way to do it. Best of all I know now I can do it.

I enjoyed the journalling portion of each session.  It allowed me to express feelings I was unaware of.  I will utilize this in the future.I'm a paragraph.

I learned to use the emotional tools you gave me to gain power over my struggles.

I loved expressing emotions and thoughts through the art projects.  It's a meditation process for me.

I learned to be strong and be a different person in the world.

Learned to love and respect myself and my needs. For a better future I have to rewire my brain and thinking.

I learned how to begin to have feelings and identify them.

Reminded me that creative activities calm my mind.

New passion with accepting life. Started my healing process through the art work.

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